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Overcoming loneliness

Our unbroken connection to God and each other

with Fujiko Signs
March 30, 2020 - Sentinel Watch

On this audio program, our guest offers practical, healing ideas for dealing with isolation. Join us—and feel the powerful divine presence that lifts the weight of loneliness. Listen

What to do if you’re feeling lonely

By Lizzie Witney
From the teen series: Trending - March 31, 2020

When she felt overwhelmed by the lonely days and weeks stretching out ahead of her, this author discovered both newfound peace and practical solutions as she began to pray. Read

Night grace

By Mary Lerner
From the March 30, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

A poem offering sweet consolation for long, lonely nights.  Read

You can pray about loneliness (Part 1)

By Jenny Sawyer with Curt Wahlberg
From the July 3, 2017 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

It might sound counterintuitive, but if you’re feeling lonely says this author, the solution won’t come from looking for answers “out there.” The promise is “that whatever we’ve hoped to find ‘out there’ is something that’s already inherent in our identity.” Read

You can pray about loneliness (Part 2)

From the teen series: - July 3, 2017


Sacred solitude

By Annette Kreutziger-Herr
From the April 22, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Each of us, writes this author, “as the image and likeness of divine Love, Spirit, can never be removed from the wondrous whole of spiritual creation and can never be cut off from his or her intelligent source.” From this basis, we can pray effectively about loneliness, while also learning the profound joy that can come from being alone with God.  Read

The 12-mile drive

By Doug Brown
From the Christian Science Sentinel - April 29, 2013

The isolation of his surroundings seemed gripping. But a simple, spiritual message from a friend brought a perspective-shift that didn’t change the landscape, but did change this writer’s way of seeing it. Read