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Explore 130 years of periodicals

Read articles and testimonies on JSH-Online displayed in the same modern, easy-to-read format, with enlargeable type. Or take a look inside the original print issues, from the first issue in 1883 to today’s latest JournalSentinel, and Herald.

Journal Issues (1883-today)

"...designed to put on record the divine Science of Truth."
—Mary Baker Eddy (Miscellany 353:11-12)

Sentinel Issues (1898-today)

"...intended to hold guard over Truth, Life, and Love."
—Mary Baker Eddy (Miscellany 353:12-13)

Herald Issues

Der Herold Issues (1903-today)

El Heraldo Issues (1946-today)

Le Héraut Issues (1918-today)

O Arauto Issues (1951-today)

" proclaim the universal activity and availability of Truth."
—Mary Baker Eddy (Miscellany 353:13-15)