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JSH Submissions

The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, The Herald of Christian Science, and the "Christian Science perspective" article in The Christian Science Monitor are all about the teachings of Christian Science and how they are applied in healing ourselves and others. These spiritual insights help readers see how their lives—and our world—can be made better through prayer. We'd love to have you share the spiritual growth and healings that come about through your study and practice of Christian Science.

Submission Guidelines

Read the guidelines for content submissions to the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald.
Interested in submitting a testimony? Review the testimony guidelines.

Submit your manuscript online

Your submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team for possible publication online and in the periodicals. Use the online submission form to submit your manuscript for consideration to be published online and in the print editions of The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, and The Herald of Christian Science. If you do not immediately receive a return acknowledgment email after you submit your manuscript, or have difficulties completing this form, please contact us.

Submit Manuscript

Submitting an audio recording of your article

If an article has been accepted for publication, edited, and is about to be published, you will be sent a script and invited to record it for the online audio version of the piece. Here are document and video instructions on how to record and submit the recording at that time.

Letters to the Editor

To submit Letters to the Editor, please send your correspondence to: 

User Comments Guidelines

Read the guidelines for comment submissions to JSH-Online.

Submit your Collection idea

Have an idea for a new collection (pamphlet, special edition, etc.)? This is where you can share articles and testimonies you feel would work well together. A minimum of two articles and one testimony are required for a collection submission. Generally, pamphlets contain 4 articles and 1-2 testimonies of healing. Your submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team for possible publication. If your submission is selected for print or digital publishing, please note, you will not receive notification or attribution. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.

Submit Collection 

In pulling together a collection, some points you may want to consider are:

  • The selected articles should focus on a topic, but have some variety that brings different perspectives and insights.
  • It can be beneficial if the first article in the collection gently introduces the idea of Christian healing and opens thought.
  • Be sure that at least one of the articles in the collection addresses the topic of the Christ, and who Mary Baker Eddy is.
  • The testimonies should be clear examples of healing that illustrate the topic. If possible we like them to be fairly recent.
  • Generally, collections contain 4 articles and 1-2 testimonies of healing; sometimes a poem is part of the line-up.