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This book provides additional first-hand accounts of Mary Baker Eddy through the eyes of individuals who met and knew her.

We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Volume 2

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This book continues the expanded We Knew Mary Baker Eddy series, providing additional first-hand accounts of individuals who met and knew the Discoverer and Founder of the Christian Science.

Readers will find a more intimate portrait of Mary Baker Eddy than appears in a typical biography, including glimpses into her daily life, relationships, and the spiritual strength and personal sacrifice that underpinned her accomplishments.

Each author in this volume shares unique and inspiring accounts that often reveal their commitment, dedication, and steadfast Christianity.

This expanded edition features twenty never-before-published reminiscences.


Unless otherwise specified, all documents in this volume are included courtesy of The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and many of these documents are under the copyright of The Mary Baker Eddy Collection. Many of these documents are indicated by an alphanumeric notation and can be accessed with assistance from the Library’s research staff. Minor changes in spelling and punctuation have been made to these materials when necessary for clarity. Changes or insertions of a substantive nature are noted in brackets. Since, in most cases, the material was excerpted from much longer reminiscences, it was not practical to indicate deletions with ellipses.