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Submission Guidelines

The community is a place for people to share inspiration and experiences that show how an understanding of God and of Christ Jesus’ ministry, gained through the study and practice of Christian Science, can lead to healing and spiritual growth. These insights and healings help site visitors see how their lives—and their neighbors’ lives—can be made better through prayer.

We’d love to know about the spiritual understanding of God and man that has come through your study and practice of Christian Science, so please consider writing!

We are grateful for every submission we receive, even for those we cannot publish, and we deeply value the thoughtfulness and effort of each writer to share with the broad community. (Please note that all articles and testimonies that are chosen for publication do end up on the Web even when they appear first in the print magazines.)

Here are some simple guidelines for article submissions:

  • Keep in mind that’s visitors are a global audience and include those who are new to Christian Science.
  • Include spiritual concepts from the Bible or Mary Baker Eddy’s writings that are relevant to your topic. Reference to Christ Jesus’ life and ministry is natural in articles about Christian Science and is a link to other Christians.
  • Give enough detail about your topic so that it’s easy to follow. It’s important to illustrate how readers can apply spiritual concepts, so you’ll want to “connect the dots” to show readers how you reached your conclusions. Writing as though you were talking to a friend will help you reach your readers’ hearts. It will also give them an understanding of how to practice Christian Science and find healing themselves.
  • Stick to one theme in most cases.
  • Both shorter and longer pieces are welcome—400–1,800 words is ideal. Editors can work with you on focus and length.
  • Use the online submission form to submit your manuscript.
  • After you’ve submitted:
    • You can expect an automated acknowledgment of your submission within one business day.
    • After your submission is received, you will be contacted via email or telephone either letting you know that your article will be edited for possible publication, asking you for a revision (with some comments to help you), or that it will not work out for publication.
  • If your article is published on the site, you are free to share the link with others.

Accounts that include examples of healing require verification. An editor will assist you with the details of obtaining verifications if your article is chosen for publication.

More details are available in our Article Writing Guidelines, below, or contact the JSH Editorial Department via the JSH-Online Contact Us page.

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