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Never give up!


Is God real?


Hit rock bottom? There’s a way back up.

Do you feel like you have hit rock bottom and you can’t find your way back up? Listen to Sentinel Watch at the end of September, where our guest will share how she was faced with a debilitating disease that was said to have no cure, but found a way back up to complete healing. Sharing her insights from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, our guest tells how she discovered that God’s love for us never changes, and this points the way back up to freedom.

Now accepting questions for October:

How can I experience a satisfying life?  

Satisfaction - who doesn’t want that? But how do we find true, lasting satisfaction in this constantly changing world? A beloved poem by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christians Science, ends like this: Who doth His will — His likeness still — Is satisfied. (Po. 79:20)

If you have a question about how you can experience a satisfying life by doing God's will as His likeness, send it to us. Then at the end of October listen to Sentinel Watch, where our guest will offer answers to your questions and share how we can experience a life full of lasting love, joy and satisfaction by understanding and living our spiritual nature as God’s perfect creation.

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