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FAQ: Typos and Corrections

Why do I find typographical and other errors in the text?

  • Moving words from ink on paper to digital text involves many manual steps. If you find errors in the JSH-Online archive, we invite you to help us correct them. Please alert us by using the Article Feedback sidebar widget found on every article page.

I found a citation in a Journal or Sentinel article that wasn’t linked to Concord, why not?

  • Sometimes a citation will refer to early editions for which the page and line numbers do not correspond to the current edition of the books available in Concord. For this reason, there are no links for quotes from Science and Health prior to June 1911, no links to Mrs. Eddy’s other books until January 1915, and no links to the Hymnal until 1933.
  • If you see a citation where you think a link could be made, click on the “Send a comment to the editors” link at the bottom of each article. Then, fill out and submit the form.

What kinds of corrections can JSH-Online make?

  • JSH-Online will correct all digitization errors – that is, any error that appeared when converting the print into digital text.
  • If an error appears in the original print magazine, it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If the problem is clearly a spelling error ("hyponotized" v.s. “hypnotized”), or clearly a grammar error (for example: in this sentence, "spiritually" should be "spiritual": The true structure, or embodiment, of each one's individuality is completely spiritually and mental.), we will make the change.
  • JSH-Online will not change archaic spellings.
  • JSH-Online will not fix anything that involves interpretation, correcting facts, clarifying metaphysics, or spelling and grammar errors that would involve "guessing" the correct word.

Can I edit an article that I wrote years ago?

  • Articles in the archive are not open for editorial changes.
  • In some cases, a writer has requested to have his or her name removed from contributions to the periodicals. If you would like to ask about this, please contact us.

I reported a correction to be made several times, but it hasn’t been fixed. Why?

  • Sometimes users mistake archaic spellings, for errors. To give some examples, “Puerto Rico” used to be spelled “Porto Rico” and “endorse” was occasionally spelled “indorse”. The JSH-Online team reviews all feedback and compares it against the original magazine to ensure accuracy.

Why are some of Mary Baker Eddy's articles on JSH-Online different than how they appear in Prose Works?

  • JSH-Online publishes articles as they originally appeared in the periodicals. Many of Mrs. Eddy's articles found in Prose Works were first published in the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, and may have been edited before being republished in Prose Works. JSH-Online does not edit the original articles to reflect the later versions.

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