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FAQ: 30-Day Free Trial

Why are you offering a free trial subscription or Herald-Online? 

We are offering a 30-day Free Trial to JSH-Online to introduce to the world the healing content and features that are a part of The Christian Science Journal, the Christian Science Sentinel, and The Herald of Christian Science.

What are the requirements to sign up for the Free Trial? 

  • You cannot be a current or previous subscriber to JSH-Online. 
  • You must provide a valid email address.
  • If you are under 13, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign up for you.

If I already have or had a JSH-Online subscription, can I qualify for the Free Trial?

No, only new subscribers may sign up. The purpose of this Free Trial is to introduce the content and features that JSH-Online offers, and therefore it is only available to new customers.

Why did I receive the following message when I tried to sign up for the Free Trial?  

“Your email address is already registered with JSH-Online or Herald-Online. Please visit our FAQ or contact us to learn more about the eligibility requirements for a Free Trial.”

  • You received an error message because you already have a JSH-Online or Herald-Online account. 
  • You may already have an account because 1) you have a JSH-Online or Herald-Online active subscription, 2) you previously had a JSH-Online or Herald-Online subscription that has since expired or been canceled, or 3) you completed the first steps to sign up for a JSH-Online or Herald-Online subscription but did not complete the process. 
  • If you have a Herald-Online account or never successfully subscribed to JSH-Online and are interested in a Free Trial, please call us at 617-450-2880.

What is included with a JSH-Online Free Trial subscription?

Please visit our subscription information page to learn more. 

After signing up, when does my access to the Free Trial begin?


Will I receive emails from JSH-Online after signing up for the Free Trial?

Yes. You will receive emails including an introductory email with helpful information about JSH-Online features, notifications of new magazine issues, and special messages from the editors. Please see our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" pages for more information.

What will you do with my personal login information?

Please see our "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" pages.

Will I be charged or billed when the Free Trial ends?

No—your access will simply end.

How do I subscribe after the Free Trial ends?

You may subscribe to JSH-Online at any time during your Free Trial or following its conclusion from our "Subscribe" page.

My Free Trial has ended, but I cannot afford a subscription—how can I continue to subscribe?

The Literature Support Program offers assistance to anyone who is unable to purchase subscriptions or certain products due to a present financial need. Subscriptions and certain products are offered for free to those who qualify, although program participants are invited to make an optional payment of USD $1. Visit to learn more and apply for assistance.

How can I contact you with questions or feedback? 

We welcome your questions and ideas. Please use our "Contact Us" form or call us at 617-450-2880.

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