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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing gives you the Editors' view of the day's most important events. Each issue is a tightly-edited report alerting you to the news stories that deserve your attention. Each issue features an exclusive, original column by our editors with their observations about the news, four breaking news stories, the daily Christian Science perspective and a Top Headlines column. Its short format is easy to quickly understand the important news topics of the day and why they matter to you.

Nuclear negotiations show some progress, but more progress and speedier progress are needed.

Human traffickers in Southeast Asia are profiting from the persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar.

It is important to remember that Memorial Day marks more than just the beginning of summer fun.

The fall of Palmyra is a big loss for the Syrian government – and potentially for the world.

Newly released documents indicate the Al Qaeda leader was smart -- but not beyond being outsmarted.

Tactical retreat

The White House is restricting the use of military equipment by police departments, but the underlying tensions in minority communities remain.

The Iraqi Army's loss of Ramadi to the Islamic State group shows that Iraq's center is not holding.

The Pentagon reported an important operation against the Islamic State this weekend. But to 'change the tide,' a deeper sort of strike is required.

Shared concerns and a changing political landscape put old foes on the same side.

Beyond the possibility of human error in the Amtrak derailment, riders assurance that tracks and trains are safe.