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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing gives you the Editors' view of the day's most important events. Each issue is a tightly-edited report alerting you to the news stories that deserve your attention. Each issue features an exclusive, original column by our editors with their observations about the news, four breaking news stories, the daily Christian Science perspective and a Top Headlines column. Its short format is easy to quickly understand the important news topics of the day and why they matter to you.

Europe's energy shift

Concern about Russian foreign policy turns the Continent to new sources for natural gas.

A year after Crimea

While Mr. Putin has been applauded at home for Russia's newfound assertiveness, the price has been high.

As the self-styled caliphate is pushed back into northern Syria, its message of momentum will be blunted as well.

A 10-year plan for Iran

Nuclear negotiators appear to be zeroing in on a deal to restrict Iran's nuclear program and reintegrate the country into the world community.

The country's new left-of-center government may be able to deliver economic reforms that its predecessors failed to do.

As the US economy improves, consumers are spending more – but are spending more carefully, too.

While Kiev has suffered setbacks on the battlefield over the past year, it appears to be making progress toward democracy.

The disease is being defeated. Fear, too, must be defeated, so that the battered economies can revive.

The world is wrestling with a tough question: What can be done to counter jihadist movements?

It's innocent fun. It's a time-out to tell others we love them. (Oh, and it's tomorrow.)