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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing provides an editorially curated perspective on important news of the day. Each issue provides a daily commentary from the editors, abridged versions of five key stories, an Editorial, the Christian Science perspective article, and a Top Headlines column. Insights gained from the Monitor can support and strengthen your prayers for the world. A link to each issue is delivered to your email inbox each weekday morning and can be read on JSH-Online. For the latest news and 24/7 access to Monitor content, you can also visit CSMonitor.com.

Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed remains a mystery. Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed is more certain.

From Germany to Britain, Spain to Greece, a flood of refugees is straining the nations of Europe. An EU solution is needed.

Justice deferred

Libyan court verdict on former dictator’s son isn’t the end of the story.

Islamic State looms as a threat. So does the prospect of another Kurdish enclave on Turkey's border.

President Obama's trip to Kenya, his father's homeland, points to the subtly changing portrait of the American experience.

Headlines can lead us to believe the world is on fire. Trend lines tell a completely different story.

For better or worse, the Iran nuclear deal is a transformative moment for the Middle East.

North Korean regime has both nuclear weapons and a gulag.

The openings with Cuba and Iran are a recognition that years of pressure failed to change either regimes or behavior.

In a time when the word 'terrorism' can evoke deep-seated fears, the Chattanooga attacks show the need for diagnosing the threat wisely.