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Daily News Briefing

The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing gives you the Editors' view of the day's most important events. Each issue is a tightly-edited report alerting you to the news stories that deserve your attention. Each issue features an exclusive, original column by our editors with their observations about the news, four breaking news stories, the daily Christian Science perspective and a Top Headlines column. Its short format is easy to quickly understand the important news topics of the day and why they matter to you.

Balance and power

The advantage of federalism is that it helps people and politics adjust peacefully.

Ukraine chooses Europe

The country lost territory in its conflict with Russia and Russia's proxies. But it took an important step toward democracy and transparency.

After an initially slow response, the world is coming to the aid of West Africa.

Denying terrorists a forum

Social networks are working to keep the Islamic State's images and messages off their sites.

Like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State group gained quick notoriety. Now virtually all of the world stands against it.

The challenge: Weaken the Islamic State without strengthening the Assad regime.

Fanfare for innovators

No one debuts gadgets better than Apple. But no gadget is better than the people who use them.

Defeating the IS group should not detract from ongoing efforts to bring about peace in the Middle East.

Watching the watchmen

Amid concern about police methods, more oversight – and higher standards – are needed.

Whip deflation now

Central banks are still struggling to break the mental hold of the 2008 panic.