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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing provides an editorially curated perspective on important news of the day. Each issue provides a daily commentary from the editors, abridged versions of five key stories, an Editorial, the Christian Science perspective article, and a Top Headlines column. Insights gained from the Monitor can support and strengthen your prayers for the world. A link to each issue is delivered to your email inbox each weekday morning and can be read on JSH-Online. For the latest news and 24/7 access to Monitor content, you can also visit CSMonitor.com.

On second thought

Last week's 'Brexit' vote was decisive. What happens now is much less clear.

Britain's exit from the EU – like the rise of the Trump in the US – shows that those most unsettled by a changing world cannot simply be ignored.

The immigration factor

Sharp contrasts between Clinton and Trump and a deadlock on the Supreme Court make immigration a key election issue.

Europe in the balance

Today's 'Brexit' vote could not be more important for Britain or Europe.

Moving up

Why it matters that the upper middle class is thriving in a time of job insecurity.

Venezuela can do better

It is rich in resources. At one time it had the highest living standard in Latin America. That is a strong base to rebuild itself.

A society that has long treated victims of sexual crime with skepticism and even derision is showing signs of a significant shift.

On both sides of the Atlantic, anti-immigration sentiment has been rising. The danger is when that sentiment turns violent.

Guns and politics

At least one part of the frozen debate over guns in the United States could be thawing thanks to Donald Trump.

On target

The divisive issue of gun rights enters the presidential election.