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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing gives you the Editors' view of the day's most important events. Each issue is a tightly-edited report alerting you to the news stories that deserve your attention. Each issue features an exclusive, original column by our editors with their observations about the news, four breaking news stories, the daily Christian Science perspective and a Top Headlines column. Its short format is easy to quickly understand the important news topics of the day and why they matter to you.

Competition sometimes gives rise to anticompetitive behavior. But competition usually solves that problem.

Despite a rise in tension and conflict recently in Europe, the lessons of the 20th century have not been forgotten.

Each day, a new variable gets added to the Iranian nuclear equation. Can this complex problem be solved?

Islamist gains will eventually be rolled back. Then comes the even more important mission: peace and reconciliation.

As candidate after candidate jumps into the 2016 US presidential race, politics overshadows almost all other news.

The spirit of Appomattox 150 years ago shows the power of mercy in mending a deeply divided society.

Cellphones and surveillance cameras are increasingly a factor in law enforcement and other public concerns.

Punishing economic sanctions appear to have brought Iran to the negotiating table. Once sanctions are removed, will leverage be lost?

Iran is the biggest test of a foreign policy that emphasizes diplomatic engagement and military disengagement.

Palestinians in Syria have been caught up in the multi-sided civil war. Their situation is precarious.