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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing provides an editorially curated perspective on important news of the day. Each issue provides a daily commentary from the editors, abridged versions of five key stories, an Editorial, the Christian Science perspective article, and a Top Headlines column. Insights gained from the Monitor can support and strengthen your prayers for the world. A link to each issue is delivered to your email inbox each weekday morning and can be read on JSH-Online. For the latest news and 24/7 access to Monitor content, you can also visit CSMonitor.com.

Can the right balance between “hard power” and “soft power” compel change for the better?

What Greece needs

Behind the high-stakes crisis this week over the terms of Greece's debt payments is a common interest: a more productive Greek economy.

A Greek default would be painful. It was for Argentina and still is in some ways. But Argentines adjusted.

The news this week has provided a portrait of remorseless murder and terror. But it has also offered the smallest glimpse of the reckoning that can come after.

The Supreme Court's upholding of a key part of the Affordable Care Act further entrenches the controversial – but increasingly durable – law.

Thorny issues surrounding Greece and Iran are coming down to the wire. What happens next will require wisdom and care.

Hack job

New claims of NSA spying on anti-virus software firms shouldn’t come as a shock.

After months of impasse, the Greek financial crisis appears to have taken an encouraging turn.

Dylann Roof has been charged with a heinous act of hatred. But he has also caught a glimpse of something remarkable.

We can honor the congregants at the Charleston AME Church by taking up where they were interrupted.