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Christian Science Nurse Notes
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Practice, Practice, Practice
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What Sunday School meant to me

A recent Sunday School graduate shares…

For this writer, Sunday School became a place where she felt comfortable asking tough questions and where she expected to find answers.

Hayley Cooke

June 22, 2015

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Eye on the World

Eye on the world: Harmony, not religious division

The fact that all of us, God’s spiritual ideas, are created and governed by the one Mind, God, means that harmony among people, not religious division and conflict, represents what is normal and natural.

Sentinel staff

February 01, 2016

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Living Christian Science Today

Right where we needed to be

Friends find an opportunity to help a stranger and assure her of God’s deep love.

Carol Horen

January 14, 2016

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Young voices

The value of *Science and Health* in my life

A teen was given a writing assignment to talk about a book that had been important to him. Here, he describes the impact that studying Science and Health has had on his life.

John Monday

October 23, 2015