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December 2015

The Christ-light is inextinguishable!

Sally House Heinsohn

The first time I read the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, I found it contained an explanation of the Christ th...

December 2015

No doubt of God’s love

Diane Allison

I had a very encouraging experience some years ago that I’d like to share. A substantial bill of several thousand dollars was due in a couple of month...

December 2015

Joy met me at the door

Greg Jarvis

Recently, I went to a Wednesday testimony meeting at a branch Church of Christ, Scientist. At these meetings, time is set aside for sharing healings resu...

December 2015

What Jesus knew about evil

Nancy Reinert

In action-adventure movies, there are often megalomaniacs, evil aliens, humanoids, and monsters who push heroes to their limit. Futuristic weapons may ex...

Sentinel Articles

November 30, 2015

Gambling or God’s law of goodness?

Stephen Carlson

I’ve been struck by how appealing commercials for gambling at resort casinos can sound. Behind the glitter, of course, are many sad stories about the eff...

November 30, 2015


Jenny Sawyer

“I can’t wait to go college,” my friend told me. “Then I can do whatever  I want.” “Like what?” I asked. She stared off into the dista...

November 30, 2015

A family trip and a special psalm

Sharon Morash

Our neighbors across the street were avid and enthusiastic snow-skiers, and they were eager for our family to learn since our sons were in school togethe...