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How can we shore up ‘the promises of democracy’?


How can we feel the love that overcomes loneliness?

Now accepting questions for March:

When the division of the world’s wealth seems so unequal, how can we see God’s provision for all?

In a world where the inequality of wealth seems so pronounced, many people on the poor end of the spectrum might feel as though they always have to do without basic necessities. If you have a question about how this problem of wealth inequality can be healed and how you can see God’s abundant provision as available for everyone, send it to us. Then at the end of March, listen to Sentinel Watch, where our guest will offer answers to your questions and share insights from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy on how we’re all inseparable from God, the source of all good, and how we can tap into the divine source of supply that never runs dry.

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