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Sentinel Watch

Explore current audio programs that bring healing light to timely global topics. 

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Online Sentinel Watch programs:

Hear from Christian Scientists from all walks of life, including Journal-listed Christian Science practitioners and teachers, discussing Christian Science and how it teaches about God’s healing power on the Sentinel Watch page. 

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Current and upcoming programs

January 24, 2022

Who do you think you are? (18 min.)
Guest: Diana Davis Butler

How you think about yourself matters. As this week's guest explains, when our view of our identity is rooted in the Divine—instead of human personality, history, flaws, or talents—we discover a more secure, healthy, and whole sense of ourselves. And this can lead to healing.

January 31, 2022

And justice for all (30 min.)
Guest: Lari Snorek

Our guest, Lari Snorek, has spent considerable time volunteering with an organization that is dedicated to restorative justice—helping those convicted of a crime to recognize their mistake, restore good to their community, and find redemption themselves. What does this have to do with Christian Science? Well, restoration is what spiritual healing is all about.

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Online El Heraldo Edición Radial programs:

Revisit relevant radio programs from the El Heraldo archive on the El Heraldo Edición Radial page. Included below are the dates that each program should broadcast for Saturday or Sunday broadcasts. For broadcasting-related questions, please reach us at

January Programs

January 1st/2nd
HSPR 2201 - Un nuevo comienzo [A fresh start]

January 8th/9th
HSPR 2202 - Tus posibilidades infinitas [Your unlimited potential]

January 15th/16th
HSPR 2203 - Curación espiritual: permanente [The permanence of spiritual healing]

January 22nd/23rd
HSPR 2204 - Para mantener la salud de su negocio [Maintaining the health of your business]

January 29th/30th
HSPR 2205 - Nuestra respuesta frente a la violencia [Taking a stand against violence]

February Programs

February 5th/6th
HSPR 2206 - La base de la curación espiritual [Basis of spiritual healing]

February 12th/13th
HSPR 2207 - No admita que es pobre [Do not accept you are poor]

February 19th/20th
HSPR 2208 - ¿Hay algo que sea inevitable? [Is there such a thing as the inevitable?

February 26th/27th
HSPR 2209 - Para borrar equivocaciones [Erasing mistakes]