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Hear from Christian Scientists from all walks of life, including Journal-listed Christian Science practitioners and teachers, discussing Christian Science and how it teaches about God’s healing power on the Sentinel Watch page. 

Current and upcoming programs

February 26, 2024

Sticking with God when life is really bleak
Guest: DeWitt John Makengo

This week’s guest, DeWitt John Makengo, was a freshman in college in a country not his own right after he’d lost 90% of his hearing. And that was just one of several difficult challenges he faced. DeWitt shares with host Jenny Sawyer how sticking with God and learning more about Him can bring us out of—and heal—even the most serious challenges.

March 4, 2024

Overcoming conflict: Why trust matters
Guest: Mark Sappenfield

This week, the Editor of The Christian Science Monitor, Mark Sappenfield, shares his perspective on why trust is useful in overcoming—and even healing—conflict. What does that look like for us in our own lives? What about for the world?

March 4, 2024

Overcoming conflict: Every prayer counts
Guest: Judith Hardy Olson

Can our prayers make a tangible difference when it comes to overcoming conflict? This week’s guest, Judith Hardy Olson, shares her experiences with praying about conflict and explains how our prayers can contribute to healing on the world stage.

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Online El Heraldo Edición Radial programs:

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February 2024

HSPR 2405 - February 3rd/4th: “La belleza es una cosa de la vida” ["Beauty is a thing of life"]
Mari Milone – Claudia Pazos - Ingrid Butaya

HSPR 2406 - February 10th/11th: La armonía en el matrimonio [Harmony in marriage]
Gladys Pombo – Christiane West Little - Ingrid Butaya - Myriam Huart,- Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2407 - February 17th/18th: Nuestra vision espiritual [Our spiritual vision]
Christiane West Little – Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2408 - February 24th/25th: El Amor incondicional que nos salva [Unconditional saving Love]
Mari Milone - Jon Hinthorne - Isabel Herrera Blossier - Mauricio Rojas

March 2024

HSPR 2409 - March 2nd/3rd: Aprender, crecer, persistir [Learning, growing, persisting]
Christiane West Little – Lupita Alvarado - María Emilia Aprile - Maria Jose Ocaña - Patricia del Castillo – Quintero – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2410 - March 9th/10th: La oración responde a los accidentes [A prayerful response to accidents]
Gladys Pombo - Patty Capilla - Cristina Minola - Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2411 - March 16th/17th: Contagio: Una solución espiritual [Contagion: a spiritual solution]
Monica Passaglia – Alba Maffei - Ulrike Nitschke - Patricia del Castillo – Ifigenia Xifre

HSPR 2412 - March 23rd/24th: El cuidado de los niños [Caring for children]
Monica Passaglia – Ingrid Butaya – Sandra Luzio - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2413 - March 30th/31st: Pascuas 2012 [Easter 2012]
Christiane West Little – Jose Rodriguez Pelaez – Maritza Añez - Gloria Cecilia Caro - Patricia del Castillo

April 2024

HSPR 2414 - April 6th/7th: La curación de adicciones [Healing addiction]
Lorenzo Rodriguez – Cosme Robalino - Roberto Paez - Guillermo Calderon - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza - Ifigenia Xifre

HSPR 2415 - April 13th/14th: La ley espiritual que une a la familia [Spiritual law that unites the family]
Mari Milone – Elba Perroni - Isabel Gonzalez - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2416 - April 20th/21st: Vibrante a cualquier edad [Vibrant at any age]
Mari Milone – Sandra Luzio - Myriam Huart - Noemi Nino Garcia - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2417 - April 27th/28th: Una cuestión de seguridad [A matter of safety]
Mari Milone – Mara Odette - Alfredo Dominguez - Gloria Soledad Moncada - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza