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Online Sentinel Watch programs:

Hear from Christian Scientists from all walks of life, including Journal-listed Christian Science practitioners and teachers, discussing Christian Science and how it teaches about God’s healing power on the Sentinel Watch page. 

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Current and upcoming programs

March 20, 2023

Women in the Bible: How their stories help us
Guest: Madelon Maupin

When you think of notable women who've shaped the world we live in today, do you think of Lydia? Or how about Abigail? Our guest this week discusses the stories—and impact—of these and other female biblical figures and invites you to consider with her their continuing relevance.

March 27, 2023

Don't be deceived!
Guest: John Biggs

"Pick a card, any card." That's how many card tricks start out. What makes a card trick successful also provides a useful lesson in how to focus on God and experience more effective spiritual healing. Join host David Brown and guest John Biggs to learn more.

From the archives: How can evil exist?
Guest: David Driver

If God really is all good and omnipresent, then where did evil come from and how can it even exist? We reached back into our archives to share this podcast segment from 1996. But the guest speaks in a way that is fresh today, and his message is timeless.

April 3, 2023

Life after grief
Guest: Katie Martin

When one of the worst things you can imagine happening happens to you, can you ever be free from the grief it caused?  That’s what this week's guest, Katie Martin, discusses in this podcast with host, Jenny Sawyer.

Behind the scenes with Tony Lobl
Guest: Tony Lobl

Go behind the scenes with host Jenny Sawyer as she talks with Tony Lobl about his editorial in the April edition of The Christian Science Journal.  What was the inspiration behind it and how does it connect with the mission of this magazine?

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Online El Heraldo Edición Radial programs:

Revisit relevant radio programs from the El Heraldo archive on the El Heraldo Edición Radial page. Included below are the dates that each program should broadcast for Saturday or Sunday broadcasts. For broadcasting-related questions, please reach us at

March 2023

HSPR 2309 - March 4th/5th: Deje que Dios vaya adelante [Let God take the lead]
Mari Milone – Mariana Benoit - Ana María Medina - Diana Goshorn - Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2310 - March 11th/12th: El cuidado de los niños [Caring for children]
Monica Passaglia – Ingrid Butaya – Sandra Luzio - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2311 - March 18th/19th: Dios: la única influencia legítima en su vida [God: your only legitimate influence]
Monica Passaglia – Guillermina Gonzalez - Maria Jose Ocaña - Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2312 - March 25th/26th: ¿Cuánto valgo? [How much am I worth]
Christiane West Little – Jorge Urbina – Monica Passaglia – Consuelo Mendoza – Patricia del Castillo

April 2023

HSPR 2313 - April 1st/2nd: “Herederos de Dios” [“Heirs of God”]
Christiane West Little, Pilar González, Felicidad Galiano Vera

HSPR 2314 - April 8th/9th: Aprender, crecer, persistir [Learning, growing, persisting]
Christiane West Little, Lupita Alvarado, María Emilia Aprile, María José Ocaña

HSPR 2315 - April 15th/16th: Qué darle a los demás [Giving to others]
Mónica Passaglia, Luz María Fregoso Morales

HSPR 2316 - April 22nd/23rd: Para borrar equivocaciones [Erasing mistakes]
José Rodríguez Peláez, Jaime Beauchamp, Estrella Romero

HSPR 2317 - April 29th/30th: No admita que es pobre [Do not accept you are poor]
Christiane West Little, María (Mariuchi) Damiani, Julio Lala