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Explore current audio programs that bring healing light to timely global topics. 
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Hear from Christian Scientists from all walks of life, including Journal-listed Christian Science practitioners and teachers, discussing Christian Science and how it teaches about God’s healing power on the Sentinel Watch page. 

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Current and upcoming programs

November 28, 2022

God isn’t in the storm … are you?
Guest: Chet Manchester

When you feel overwhelmed by life's problems, it can be hard to see solutions.  Our guest, Chet Manchester, has learned a lot from the ultimate problem-solver, Christ Jesus. Chet discusses how overcoming challenges starts with discovering "the mind of Christ." What is that and how can you experience it? Join us to explore this—and more.

December 5, 2022

A gift you need to give yourself
Guest: Judy Cole

It's often been said that forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself.  We agree, but how can you get there when someone has done something egregious to you?  This week's guest shares some spiritual ideas that have worked for her.

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November 2022

HSPR 2245 - November 5th/6th: Un pasado sin remordimientos [A past without regrets]
Monica Passaglia – María Antonia Caporizzo - Mayra Gonzalez - Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2246 - November 12th/13th: Enfrentando Cambios [Facing change]
Heloísa Gelber Rivas - Patricia Lozano - Christiane West Little - Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2247 - November 19th/20th: Gratitud: Una amplificación del bien pasado, presente y por venir [Gratitude: an amplification of past, present, and upcoming good]
Christiane West Little - Daniel Torres - Isabel Yañez - Fernanda Smara - Elba Perroni - Ricardo Agudelo Reyna

HSPR 2248 - November 26th/27th: Comprendiendo nuestra identidad espiritual [Understanding our spiritual identity] 
Christiane West Little – Maria Ester Venegas – Ernesto del Castillo

December 2022

HSPR 2249 - December 3rd/4th: Viviendo la Iglesia todos los días [Living Church every day] 
Leide Lessa – Teresa de Arrigo - Roberto Paez - Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2250 - December 10th/11th: Curación: la profecía del bien cumplida [Healing: Prophesy of good fulfilled]
Christiane West Little – Mirta Piccoli Hoyos - Patricia del Castillo

HSPR 2251 - December 17th/18th: El Dios que nos protege [God is our protection]
Christiane West Little – Maria Teresa Fernandez 

HSPR 2252 - December 24th/25th: La Navidad [Christmas]
Lorenzo Rodriguez – Christiane West Little – Monica Passaglia – Clara Guerrero - Mario Giuliano - Patricia del Castillo – Consuelo Mendoza

HSPR 2253 - December 31st/January 1st: Enfrentando Cambios [Facing change]
Mari Milone – Mariana Benoit - Ana María Medina - Diana Goshorn - Patricia del Castillo