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Journal Articles

June 2017

Reaching the seekers through prayer today

Lori Biesterfeldt

It was natural for Christ Jesus to reach out to others in his daily walk. In so many examples in the Bible, we see his love for God and for humanity, and his...

June 2017

Freed from mental abuse

Name Withheld

Years ago, I felt mentally abused by my boss. Everything I did on the job was questioned, including my motives and methods. The domination was subtle but con...

June 2017

Challenge superstition with spiritual facts

Susan Booth Mack Snipes

Some years back I lived on the 25th floor of a high-rise apartment building, where my grandsons loved to visit me. One of their favorite things was riding up...

June 2017

The universal activity of the Christ

Janet Clements

A pivotal moment in the Bible is Peter’s affirmation of Jesus’ spiritual identity as the Christ, followed by Jesus’ reply that his church would be built on t...

Sentinel Articles

May 29, 2017

Be an Ananias

Rosalie E. Dunbar

Crime has recently dropped in New York City, and some say it’s because of a shift in thinking about policing. The Monitor’s editorial board writes: “If polic...

May 29, 2017

The Big Apple’s big drop in crime

The Monitor’s Editorial Board

It’s an odd question: Should police be fighting criminals—or crime? Yet in today’s law enforcement, such a distinction between action and actor is not seen a...

May 29, 2017

In perfect focus

Mark Swinney

A lot of cameras have something called autofocus. When you point the camera at an object, the camera automatically brings a fuzzy image into clear view....