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Journal Articles

October 2021

What about the body?

Laura Lapointe

“Listen to your body.” It’s a common refrain. We might hear this from a fitness instructor leading stretches, a friend encouraging us to eat an appealing-sou...

October 2021

Habits that heal

Andrea Landart

Do you know the phrase “Life is nothing but a series of habits”? One time, my husband and I had rented a car for a week in a country where people drive on th...

October 2021

A new take on Christ coming to “the flesh”

Lynne Buckley-Quirk

Before I learned of Christian Science, I lived in fear of material laws that dictated how my body functioned (or didn’t), how I felt physically, and what I c...

October 2021

Don’t believe in “world belief”

Bob Cochran

Imagine there’s someone outside your house, loudly and belligerently declaring that something you know to be true is nonsense. In particular, suppose that so...

Sentinel Articles

September 27, 2021

Welcome home

Steven Salt

Christ Jesus expanded our concept of home beyond physical habitat to a deeper perspective that includes unity, comfort, and healing.

September 27, 2021

What makes prayer effective?

Lyn Price

As we pray from the standpoint of spiritual fact—that God is omnipotent Love, that we are Love’s totally loved children, and that our health and harmony cannot be lost under His loving government—this makes prayer effective.

September 27, 2021

September 27, 2021

Why I gave my boyfriend *Science and Health*

Julia Schuck

After previous boyfriends questioned Christian Science or told her that God wasn’t real, this college student felt nervous about talking about her beliefs with her current boyfriend. As she prayed about how to do it, she got a surprising answer: Share Science and Health.