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JSH-Online User Comments Guidelines

The purpose of the User Comments feature is to allow readers to express gratitude and share further thoughts on articles and how they have found them helpful in their lives. We view User Comments as a part of our publications, furthering the mission of bringing healing and uplifting thought.

By submitting User Comments, you grant permission to The Christian Science Publishing Society and its affiliates to use them as described in the site’s Terms of Service, which may include, among other uses, publication as letters to the Editor.

In order to keep the User Comments section a loving and supportive environment, we ask that you keep these guidelines in mind:

Letters to the Editor, Questions, and Suggestions

If you want to write a letter to the Editor, have a question or suggestion, or run out of space in the comment field, we would love to hear from you. Rather than submitting a public comment, you can submit letters, questions, and suggestions on the “Contact Us” page.

Reaching out for help

If you are looking for metaphysical and prayerful support, please do not use the User Comments section. Instead, we recommend you consult the Journal Directory, where any number of Christian Science teachers, practitioners, churches, Reading Rooms, and others are listed. You are always welcome to get in touch via the “Contact Us” page at any time as well.

Expressing respect and withholding critiques

While individuals may have differing ideas, we ask that all User Comments remain loving and respectful, in the spirit of the Church Manual by-law, Article VIII. Section 1. A Rule for Motives and Acts.

We ask that the User Comments section not be used as a place to critique either the author or the article. If you have concerns regarding the content of the periodicals that you would like to share with the Editor, you are always welcome to reach us via our “Contact Us” page (see Letters to the Editor above).

Avoiding debate

We respectfully ask that JSH-Online users not use the comments section as a forum for debate. Opinionated comments or comments that may cause debate will be removed. If you have questions about the content of the periodicals, metaphysical or otherwise, you are always welcome to contact the Editor via the “Contact Us” page (see Letters to the Editor above). Please refrain from responding to others’ User Comments.

Remaining private

The User Comments section is a public space, and for your privacy and protection, we ask that you not include contact information—your name is okay, but no email addresses, phone numbers, etc. All website links or URLs will be removed from User Comments.

For the privacy of authors, commenters, and their families, please refrain from sharing personal information about others, e.g. your relationship or experiences with the author or other commenters. If you find yourself wanting to share an experience about someone other than yourself, do it in such a way that the person remains anonymous and unidentifiable.

We want to keep the User Comments section inclusive, and for this reason ask that private conversations be communicated via private channels outside of JSH-Online, e.g. email/phone.

Reporting an error?

If you see any corrections to report, such as typos, broken links, or digitizing errors, please use the Article Feedback widget, located on the right hand side of all article pages on JSH-Online.

Adding Keywords

See our Keywords FAQs to learn what these are and how to add them.

Technical difficulties

For any technical problems, our Customer Contact Center is happy to assist you. Visit the “Contact Us” page for assistance.