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December 24, 1909 (E.S.R.)

Good lesson. “Not so much what God does for us as what He is.”

December 25, 1909

We were told that, during the coming year, we must manifest more of kind generosity and affection and that we must love God more, not only for what He does but also for what He is. Late that night I was called to her bedside when she said to me, “Do you know by what it is that I heal the sick?” I replied, “Through your knowledge of God.” She said, “No, that is not it.” “What is it then?” I asked. She replied, “By Love.”

February 13, 1910

Home is not a place, it is a power. Going home is doing right. If you cannot make a home here, you cannot anywhere. I am glad all of you, so many, are going with me homeward, and we will all meet there. Blessings immortal, eternal, infinite, come not through personality, but through understanding Principle.

February 27, 1910

We were told that we were being prepared to take her place and we would be expected to take it sooner or later. “It might be a thousand years,” but it would be some time, “for I have a higher work to do.” Each of us was then given opportunity to promise to stay here as long as she would want us, as she said, “I have taught you all God allows me to teach you, until you come up to where I am.”

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