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    could have gone out to the world! It was beautiful, so full of toneful expression and inflection; and such was her spiritual understanding that we never once thought of her personality. When she reverently finished with “Shepherd, wash them clean,” we felt we had had a baptism in Spirit and were cleansed of much personal sense, self-consciousness, and fear.

Mrs. Eddy’s demeanor—in private and in public

Mrs. Eddy had remarkable eyes, deep and soulful. They seemed to look right through one into the distance, and similarly, when one looked into her keen, deep-set gray eyes, one seemed to look beyond the physical. Mrs. Eddy was light and graceful on her feet and carried herself with a dignified and queenly bearing. She was outstanding and upstanding, straight and strong, though slight in stature and about medium height. She was versatile and always knew just how to approach a person, never forcing the thought with Christian Science but would present the truth at the right time or not mention it at all.

I consider the picture of Mrs. Eddy on the balcony the best picture of her that we have. At the time of the gathering of Christian Scientists at Pleasant View in June 1903, Mr. Kimball, the Concord photographer, asked to photograph Mrs. Eddy on the balcony. At first she declined but afterwards said if he would stand at a distance and not distract the visitors, he might take the photograph. This he did, and that was when the good likeness of our Leader known as the balcony photograph was taken. The small negative was enlarged.

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