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    below (see Miscellany, pp. 170–171). I assisted in directing the people and carriages as they arrived that morning, and in the afternoon I was in the group who eagerly listened to her every word.

It is ever a source of inspiration and courage to me when I reflect on Mrs. Eddy’s untiring efforts on behalf of her students and the Cause of Christian Science. Most of the letters I received from her throughout the years were in her own handwriting. And how impersonally she turned us to her works. When a new edition of Science and Health was about to be published, she wrote me the following:

I was pleased to hear from you. Had felt that our Father was giving you line upon line and you had the best Teacher and most loving in all His ways. This abated any care of mine for you.

In reading my revised edition that is, by the way, published this week, there is no special direction requisite. The general rule is to commence with the first chapter, read slowly, and pause as you read to apply certain portions which meet your present need,—to thought that will carry them out in action. The book is complete in itself; it is a teacher and healer. Has 50 pages more than the old edition just past. The labor I have bestowed on it, you cannot reckon. There are more signs of it than you can see, but not more than will be felt.

May we go forward conscious of the Love which heals—that irresistible, irrepressible, fervent desire to    

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