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I shall never forget the light that shone in her face when we considered the subject of Love. As nearly as I can recall her words, she made this statement: “God is Love; to love is to express God, and as God is eternal Life, if we always loved, we should always express Life and never have a belief of death. Hate is the opposite of Love and leads to death; therefore never hate anything.”

Shortly after I returned to San Diego, my mother and I started Sunday services, which later developed into the organization of First Church of Christ, Scientist, in that city.

Later communications from Mrs. Eddy

Whenever I read the parable of the tares and wheat, or references to this parable by Mrs. Eddy, I am reminded of a letter she wrote to me in 1891, in which she said:

You are growing. The Father has sealed you, and the opening of these seals must not surprise you. The character of Christ is wrought out in our lives by just such processes. The tares and wheat appear to grow together until the harvest; then the tares are first gathered, that is, you have seasons of seeing your errors—and afterwards, by reason of this very seeing, the tares are burned, the error is destroyed. Then you see Truth plainly, and the wheat is “gathered into barns,” it becomes permanent in the understanding.

In this same letter, she added:

The healing will grow more easy and be more immediate as you realize that God, good, is all,     

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