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    by the Bible text constituting the subject; and this text being followed by a Golden Text. After this followed three footsteps which were designed to develop the stages of spiritual progression contained in the Lesson. Following this came what are called expository notes made up of correlative selections from the Bible and Science and Health.

While Mrs. Hanna and I were members of this committee, the method was changed by direction of Mrs. Eddy, who selected the subjects for the year as they now stand. The committee gradually evolved uniform Lessons in length, and finally arranged the Lessons into six subdivisions as they are now prepared.57

After being a member of the committee about two years, I withdrew from it because of pressing duties in other departments. This work of preparing the Bible Lessons was so interesting and instructive that I reluctantly left it, but necessity demanded that I do so. There is no more important work than the building up of these great sermons, and the Field of Christian Scientists, as well as Christians throughout the world, owe to the faithful work of the Bible Lesson Committee an inestimable debt of gratitude. As I have before said, I regard this method of preaching the gospel to all nations as one of the grandest achievements in religious history.

The Church building and First Reader’s residence

We were in Boston during the building of the first Mother Church edifice and had the privilege of aiding in this achievement, which was done so quietly and so quickly that it astonished not only Boston but the whole country. Writing of the laying of the cornerstone, Mrs. Eddy said:

57. These are the 27 Bible Lesson topics Eddy established: God; Sacrament; Life; Truth; Love; Spirit; Soul; Mind; Christ Jesus; Man; Substance; Matter; Reality; Unreality; Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?; Doctrine of Atonement; Probation After Death; Everlasting Punishment; Adam and Fallen Man; Mortals and Immortals; Soul and Body; Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced; God the Only Cause and Creator; God the Preserver of Man; Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?; Christian Science; Thanksgiving.

For many years the Bible Lessons consisted of six sections. The Bible Lesson Committee continues to follow the original, flexible directions given by Mary Baker Eddy.

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