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He walked all the way to Boston [more than 5 miles] without fatigue and did not feel tired again for a week. My father told the members of his church about the spiritual uplift that he received from Mrs. Eddy, how he had felt that the Spirit of the Lord had descended upon him. . . .27

This account and the following more dramatic incident prove that Mrs. Eddy’s ability to heal never diminished. In the summer of 1910, the household staff told visitors to Chestnut Hill about a healing that had occurred two days before: “A servant fell on a meat-hook and tore her cheek open from chin to eye. It seemed so serious they thought it best to tell our Leader. They [did] so, and instantly, every trace of it disappeared—just as if it had never happened. . . . ”28

Untiring in her work for mankind in the name of Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy, through her prayer and private correspondence, remained active in guiding the Cause up to the time of her passing on December 3, 1910. Calvin Frye, Laura Sargent, Adam Dickey, Irving Tomlinson, and William and Ella Rathvon were with Mrs. Eddy on that Saturday evening.29 The last thing she said to them was “I have all in divine Love, that is all I need.”30

Earlier in the year, Mrs. Eddy had written these words of truth and comfort to one of her students who had just lost her husband:

Your dear husband has not passed away from you in spirit; he never died, only to your sense; he lives and loves and is immortal. Let this comfort you dear one,    

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