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Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer
Interlude: Advice for healers | page 230

    only error, illusion, in fact nothing. Hence it has no person back of it, and thus you separate the tares from the wheat and never think of any person when treating for error, but only of error itself.24

In 1895 she wrote E.J. Foster Eddy:

. . . do not name or think of personality; only know there is none. I find that is best for you. Daily treat yourself against personality. It is the basis of all sin, sorrow, sickness, and death. Neither love nor hate it.25

In 1896 Mrs. Eddy wrote Lida Stone:

. . . What our Cause needs most is the impersonalization of thought. I see little if any growth in this direction. To destroy an effect we must remove its cause. The first error was limiting Mind, or personality, which was supposed to contain mind. Now to love or hate or fear or believe in this finity of mind called mortal personality is to preserve the cause of all error. . . . No persons can grow into Christian Science until they have grown out of attaching themselves to personality either through fear, love, or hate.26

The next two excerpts are about assisting in childbirth:

In 1885 Mrs. Eddy wrote Clara Choate:

In reply to your question, [I] will say take up the case in thought as you would think of a bud unclosing    

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