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Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer
Interlude: Advice for healers | page 228

Know this, “and look on the fields: for they are white already to harvest.”

If you have a case that seems protracted, dwell no longer upon it, lift up your eyes and realize the eternal presence of peace and harmony. Know that the harvest time of health and life is even now with you.20

The next two excerpts are about treating for relapse:

In 1885 Mrs. Eddy wrote James Wiggin:

When, if ever, you have a return of your complaints, fix your mind steadfastly on this thought: No mortal mind, or malice, can affect my mind or body. Be strong in that consciousness of Truth, and if you gain the point of conviction of its truth, and the perception that it was a directed shaft of mortal mind, you will destroy the suffering.21

In 1902 she wrote Charlotte Allan:

No disease can relapse, no fear return. Truth, Life, Love is the same forever; a reversal of them is impossible. The old beliefs of fear, sin, or disease cannot return. They never were; and there are no new beliefs of these, or fear of them to come, for there are none in doing good. Our life consists of good; our health and happiness all come from thinking rightly, and acting rightly. The law is that we are healthier and happier for helping or healing others. It is only thus that we fulfill the law of Christ.22

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