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Christian Science isn’t “mind over matter”

By Thomas Mitchinson
From the April 20, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Christian Science healing isn’t the same as “mind over matter,” says this author. “Instead,” he writes, “far from advocating the human mind as a healing agent, Christian Science explains how the power of divine Mind, God, conquers fear and its resultant illness and brings healing to the body.” Read

Flu symptoms healed

By Racine Dews
From the April 13, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

The Lord’s Prayer proves to be a powerful source of inspiration, comfort, and healing in the face of flu symptoms. Read

Start, stay, stick, and stand with God

By Judith Hardy Olson
From the April 13, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

What does it mean to commit yourself to being a healer, and to finding healing? For this writer, it meant starting, staying, sticking, and standing with the God she’d learned is Love.  Read

What is Christian Science healing?

By Deborah Huebsch
From the March 2, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

You may have heard that Christian Science healing is a way of fixing something that’s wrong. Or that it’s merely an alternative method of health care. This article digs deeper into what Christian Science really is and explains how this clear understanding leads to progress, restoration, and even physical cure. Read

How does a Christian Science healing happen?

By Jenny Sawyer
From the October 1, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

When we pray for healing, are we changing something? Getting God to intervene in our lives? This article dives into the “how” of healing and looks at what’s really happening.


Healed of asthmatic bronchitis

By Carla Chávez
From the June 24, 2013 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

“After I became acquainted with Christian Science,” says this author, “a world of new ideas about health opened up to me.” These ideas eventually led to a complete healing of chronic breathing difficulties.  Read

Healed of pneumonia

By Angela Wallace
From the April 6, 2009 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Even after a diagnosis of pneumonia, this writer felt confident in relying on prayer for healing. This confidence deepened as her prayers helped her see herself as God sees her: “spiritual, perfect, intact.” Read

Spiritual healing and how it's possible - Program 423

Guests: Leonora Thuna, Eric Baker, Carol Rullman, Bill Moody
June 5, 2004 - Sentinel Radio 2004

Is it really possible to heal illness through prayer? If so, how do you pray for such a healing? This podcast offers a variety of first-hand experiences of spiritual healing and explains how those healings came about. Listen

The crowning idea that conquers fear and heals

By Traci Fenton
From the May 11, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

One author shares how she’s been praying about the coronavirus, and how her own complete healing of a frightening breathing problem has supported these prayers.  Read

“It shall not come nigh thee”

By Laurie Toupin
From the May 11, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

When a flu-like condition swept through her children’s school district, this parent found powerful, practical help in filling her thoughts with an understanding of God’s love. As she did, the problem no longer felt frightening or insurmountable; instead, it lost its power to grip her with fear, and this opened the door to healing. Read