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May 2016

The Daily News Briefing is no longer being produced, and new Briefings will no longer be added as part of JSH-Online.

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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing provides an editorially curated perspective on important news of the day. Each issue provides a daily commentary from the editors, abridged versions of five key stories, an Editorial, the Christian Science perspective article, and a Top Headlines column. Insights gained from the Monitor can support and strengthen your prayers for the world. For the latest news and 24/7 access to Monitor content, you can also visit

When voters choose

Outside candidates usually are an afterthought in the US presidential race. This year they could find favor with disgruntled voters.

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who fell in the service of freedom—and to recommit to their 'unfinished work.'

The Clinton emails

She violated State Department rules. That won't help her campaign. The remaining question is whether she committed a crime.


The federal government said Tuesday it will seek the death penalty against the alleged Charleston killer, Dylann Roof. But, from the beginning, the case has explored forgiveness and justice in different terms.

Keep freedom paramount

With Vietnam and other authoritarian regimes, the US must always pursue human rights along with realpolitik.

The seismic changes coursing through Western society today, seen though a wide lens, are just the instruments of humankind's perpetual reinvention.

Amid economic woes and security issues, Egypt needs the world not to stay away but to stay connected.

A restroom rule

Without a DNA test, it's difficult to be certain of a person's gender. And judging other people usually isn't practical or charitable.

Whether in Iraq or Nevada, violence often expresses a dire sense of helplessness – and highlights where that most needs to be addressed.

Efforts to stabilize Libya and Yemen are crucial to ensure IS doesn't retreat to either country from Syria and Libya.