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Daily News Briefing

November 2013

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The Christian Science Monitor Daily News Briefing provides an editorially curated perspective on important news of the day. Each issue provides a daily commentary from the editors, abridged versions of five key stories, an Editorial, the Christian Science perspective article, and a Top Headlines column. Insights gained from the Monitor can support and strengthen your prayers for the world. For the latest news and 24/7 access to Monitor content, you can also visit

Cat, mouse, and dealmaking

China and Japan know business. They know they’ll have to strike a deal.

The first official national day of Thanksgiving, which was marked 150 years ago tomorrow, came when blessings were not so clear.

Why it’s time for diplomacy

Whatever you may think of the Iran nuclear deal, upcoming negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition forces, or the latest effort at Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, this is a remarkable time in the Middle East.

Israel’s nuclear concerns

Look at Iran from Israel’s perspective. 

JFK and the future

Newspapers, the Internet, and the airwaves have been all JFK all the time this week, reliving the 35th president’s short but dramatic time in office, his poise and eloquence and faith in the future, and the shock of his assassination 50 years ago today.

The crucial moment for Iran

The world is tantalizingly close to a deal with Iran on its nuclear program.

A new birth of freedom

Lincoln tied the “unfinished business” of the Civil War to the great cause of democracy, which itself is always unfinished business.

Better economic signs

If a record stock market is worth cheering, a stronger economy is worth quietly encouraging.

Haiyan may be different

Typhoon Haiyan has come and gone. After a slow start, relief efforts are in full swing.

An aid armada arrives

If you have ever set foot on an aircraft carrier, you know their incredible size and capability.