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    Eloquence re-echoes the strains of Truth and Love. 27It is due to inspiration rather than to erudition. It shows Trance speaking illusionthe possibilities derived from divine Mind, though it is said to be a gift whose endowment 30is obtained from books or received from the impulsion of departed spirits. When eloquence proceeds from the belief that a departed spirit is speaking, who 89 89:1can tell what the unaided medium is incapable of knowing or uttering? This phenomenon only shows that the 3beliefs of mortal mind are loosed. Forgetting her ignorance in the belief that another mind is speaking through her, the devotee may become unwontedly eloquent. Hav6ing more faith in others than in herself, and believing that somebody else possesses her tongue and mind, she talks freely.

9    Destroy her belief in outside aid, and her eloquence disappears. The former limits of her belief return. She says, “I am incapable of words that glow, for I am un12educated.” This familiar instance reaffirms the Scriptural word concerning a man, “As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” If one believes that he cannot be an orator with15out study or a superinduced condition, the body responds to this belief, and the tongue grows mute which before was eloquent.

18    Mind is not necessarily dependent upon educational processes. It possesses of itself all beauty and poetry, Scientific improvisationand the power of expressing them. Spirit, 21God, is heard when the senses are silent. We are all capable of more than we do. The influence or action of Soul confers a freedom, which explains the phe24nomena of improvisation and the fervor of untutored lips.

    Matter is neither intelligent nor creative. The tree is not the author of itself. Sound is not the originator of 27Divine originationmusic, and man is not the father of man. Cain very naturally concluded that if life was in the body, and man gave it, man had the right to take it away. 30This incident shows that the belief of life in matter was “a murderer from the beginning.”

    If seed is necessary to produce wheat, and wheat to 90 90:1produce flour, or if one animal can originate another, how then can we account for their primal origin? How 3were the loaves and fishes multiplied on the shores of Galilee, — and that, too, without meal or monad from which loaf or fish could come?

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