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3    To be on communicable terms with Spirit, persons must be free from organic bodies; and their return to a mateOpposing conditionsrial condition, after having once left it, would 6be as impossible as would be the restoration to its original condition of the acorn, already absorbed into a sprout which has risen above the soil. The seed 9which has germinated has a new form and state of existence. When here or hereafter the belief of life in matter is extinct, the error which has held the belief dissolves 12with the belief, and never returns to the old condition. No correspondence nor communion can exist between persons in such opposite dreams as the belief of having 15died and left a material body and the belief of still living in an organic, material body.

    The caterpillar, transformed into a beautiful insect, 18is no longer a worm, nor does the insect return to Bridgeless divisionfraternize with or control the worm. Such a backward transformation is impossible in 21Science. Darkness and light, infancy and manhood, sickness and health, are opposites, — different beliefs, which never blend. Who will say that infancy can utter 24the ideas of manhood, that darkness can represent light, that we are in Europe when we are in the opposite hemisphere? There is no bridge across the gulf which divides 27two such opposite conditions as the spiritual, or incorporeal, and the physical, or corporeal.

    In Christian Science there is never a retrograde step, 30never a return to positions outgrown. The so-called dead and living cannot commune together, for they are in separate states of existence, or consciousness.

75:1    This simple truth lays bare the mistaken assumption that man dies as matter but comes to life as spirit. The 3Unscientific investitureso-called dead, in order to reappear to those still in the existence cognized by the physical senses, would need to be tangible and material, — to have 6a material investiture, — or the material senses could take no cognizance of the so-called dead.

    Spiritualism would transfer men from the spiritual sense 9of existence back into its material sense. This gross materialism is scientifically impossible, since to infinite Spirit there can be no matter.

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