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24    Giving drugs to infants, noticing every symptom of flatulency, and constantly directing the mind to such Juvenile ailmentssigns, — that mind being laden with illusions 27about disease, health-laws, and death, — these actions convey mental images to children’s budding thoughts, and often stamp them there, making it probable 30at any time that such ills may be reproduced in the very ailments feared. A child may have worms, if you say so, or any other malady, timorously held in the beliefs con414414:1cerning his body. Thus are laid the foundations of the belief in disease and death, and thus are children educated 3into discord.

    The treatment of insanity is especially interesting. However obstinate the case, it yields more readily than 6Cure of insanitydo most diseases to the salutary action of truth, which counteracts error. The arguments to be used in curing insanity are the same as in 9other diseases: namely, the impossibility that matter, brain, can control or derange mind, can suffer or cause suffering; also the fact that truth and love will establish 12a healthy state, guide and govern mortal mind or the thought of the patient, and destroy all error, whether it is called dementia, hatred, or any other discord.

15    To fix truth steadfastly in your patients’ thoughts, explain Christian Science to them, but not too soon, — not until your patients are prepared for the explanation, — 18lest you array the sick against their own interests by troubling and perplexing their thought. The Christian Scientist’s argument rests on the Christianly scientific basis of 21being. The Scripture declares, “The Lord He is God [good]; there is none else beside Him.” Even so, harmony is universal, and discord is unreal. Christian Science de24clares that Mind is substance, also that matter neither feels, suffers, nor enjoys. Hold these points strongly in view. Keep in mind the verity of being, — that man is 27the image and likeness of God, in whom all being is painless and permanent. Remember that man’s perfection is real and unimpeachable, whereas imperfection is 30blameworthy, unreal, and is not brought about by divine Love.

    Matter cannot be inflamed. Inflammation is fear, an 415 415:1excited state of mortals which is not normal. Immortal Mind is the only cause; therefore disease is neither a 3Matter is not inflamedcause nor an effect. Mind in every case is the eternal God, good. Sin, disease, and death have no foundations in Truth. Inflammation as a mor6tal belief quickens or impedes the action of the system, because thought moves quickly or slowly, leaps or halts when it contemplates unpleasant things, or when the in9dividual looks upon some object which he dreads. Inflammation never appears in a part which mortal thought does not reach. That is why opiates relieve inflammation. 12They quiet the thought by inducing stupefaction and by resorting to matter instead of to Mind. Opiates do not remove the pain in any scientific sense. They only ren15der mortal mind temporarily less fearful, till it can master an erroneous belief.

    Note how thought makes the face pallid. It either re18tards the circulation or quickens it, causing a pale or Truth calms the thoughtflushed cheek. In the same way thought increases or diminishes the secretions, the action 21of the lungs, of the bowels, and of the heart. The muscles, moving quickly or slowly and impelled or palsied by thought, represent the action of all the organs of the hu24man system, including brain and viscera. To remove the error producing disorder, you must calm and instruct mortal mind with immortal Truth.

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