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    The sharp experiences of belief in the supposititious life 27of matter, as well as our disappointments and ceaseless Uses of sufferingwoes, turn us like tired children to the arms of divine Love. Then we begin to learn Life 30 in divine Science. Without this process of weaning, “Canst thou by searching find out God?” It is easier to desire Truth than to rid one’s self of error. Mortals 323 323:1may seek the understanding of Christian Science, but they will not be able to glean from Christian Science the facts 3of being without striving for them. This strife consists in the endeavor to forsake error of every kind and to possess no other consciousness but good.

6    Through the wholesome chastisements of Love, we are helped onward in the march towards righteousness, A bright outlookpeace, and purity, which are the landmarks 9of Science. Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause, — wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured, and concep12tion unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory.

    In order to apprehend more, we must put into practice what we already know. We must recollect that 15Need and supplyTruth is demonstrable when understood, and that good is not understood until demonstrated. If “faithful over a few things,” we shall be made rulers 18over many; but the one unused talent decays and is lost. When the sick or the sinning awake to realize their need of what they have not, they will be receptive of divine 21Science, which gravitates towards Soul and away from material sense, removes thought from the body, and elevates even mortal mind to the contemplation of some24thing better than disease or sin. The true idea of God gives the true understanding of Life and Love, robs the grave of victory, takes away all sin and the delusion that 27there are other minds, and destroys mortality.

    The effects of Christian Science are not so much seen Childlike receptivityas felt. It is the “still, small voice” of Truth 30 uttering itself. We are either turning away from this utterance, or we are listening to it and going up higher. Willingness to become as a little child and 324 324:1to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of the advanced idea. Gladness to leave the false landmarks 3and joy to see them disappear, — this disposition helps to precipitate the ultimate harmony. The purification of sense and self is a proof of progress. “Blessed are the 6pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

    Unless the harmony and immortality of man are becoming more apparent, we are not gaining the true idea 9Narrow pathwayof God; and the body will reflect what governs it, whether it be Truth or error, understanding or belief, Spirit or matter. Therefore 12“acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace.” Be watchful, sober, and vigilant. The way is straight and narrow, which leads to the understanding that God 15is the only Life. It is a warfare with the flesh, in which we must conquer sin, sickness, and death, either here or hereafter, — certainly before we can reach the goal 18of Spirit, or life in God.

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