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12    Though the divine rebuke is effectual to the pulling down of sin’s strongholds, it may stir the human heart to resist Truth, before this heart becomes obediently recep15tive of the heavenly discipline. If the Christian Scientist recognize the mingled sternness and gentleness which permeate justice and Love, he will not scorn the timely re18proof, but will so absorb it that this warning will be within him a spring, welling up into unceasing spiritual rise and progress. Patience and obedience win the golden scholar21ship of experimental tuition.

    The kindly shepherd of the East carries his lambs in his arms to the sheepcot, but the older sheep pass into the fold 24under his compelling rod. He who sees the door and turns away from it, is guilty, while innocence strayeth yearningly.

    There are no greater miracles known to earth than per27fection and an unbroken friendship. We love our friends, but ofttimes we lose them in proportion to our affection. The sacrifices made for others are not infrequently met by 81 81:1envy, ingratitude, and enmity, which smite the heart and threaten to paralyze its beneficence. The unavailing tear 3is shed both for the living and the dead.

    Nothing except sin, in the students themselves, can separate them from me. Therefore we should guard 6thought and action, keeping them in accord with Christ, and our friendship will surely continue.

    The letter of the law of God, separated from its spirit, 9tends to demoralize mortals, and must be corrected by a diviner sense of liberty and light. The spirit of Truth extinguishes false thinking, feeling, and acting; and falsity 12must thus decay, ere spiritual sense, affectional consciousness, and genuine goodness become so apparent as to be well understood.

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