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24    I pray that all my students shall have their lamps trimmed and burning at the noon of night, that not one of them be found borrowing oil, and seeking light from 27matter instead of Spirit, or at work erroneously, thus shutting out spiritual light. Such an error and loss will be quickly learned when the door is shut. Error giveth 30no light, and it closes the door on itself.

    In the dark hours, wise Christian Scientists stand firmer than ever in their allegiance to God. Wisdom 277 277:1is wedded to their love, and their hearts are not troubled.

3    Falsehood is on the wings of the winds, but Truth will soar above it. Truth is speaking louder, clearer, and more imperatively than ever. Error is walking to 6and fro in the earth, trying to be heard above Truth, but its voice dies out in the distance. Whosoever proclaims Truth loudest, becomes the mark for error’s shafts. 9The archers aim at Truth’s mouthpiece; but a heart loyal to God is patient and strong. Justice waits, and is used to waiting; and right wins the everlasting 12victory.

    The stake and scaffold have never silenced the messages of the Most High. Then can the present mode of 15attempting this — namely, by slanderous falsehoods, and a secret mind-method, through which to effect the purposes of envy and malice — silence Truth? Never. They 18but open the eyes to the truth of Benjamin Franklin’s report before the French Commissioners on Mesmerism: “It is one more fact to be recorded in the history of the 21errors of the human mind.”

    “The Lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice.”

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