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    The world could not interpret aright the discomfort which Jesus inspired and the spiritual blessings which 18Inspiring discontentmight flow from such discomfort. Science shows the cause of the shock so often produced by the truth, — namely, that this shock arises from 21the great distance between the individual and Truth. Like Peter, we should weep over the warning, instead of denying the truth or mocking the lifelong sacrifice which 24goodness makes for the destruction of evil.

    Jesus bore our sins in his body. He knew the mortal errors which constitute the material body, and 27Bearing our sinscould destroy those errors; but at the time when Jesus felt our infirmities, he had not conquered all the beliefs of the flesh or his sense of ma30terial life, nor had he risen to his final demonstration of spiritual power.

    Had he shared the sinful beliefs of others, he would 54 54:1have been less sensitive to those beliefs. Through the magnitude of his human life, he demonstrated the divine 3Life. Out of the amplitude of his pure affection, he defined Love. With the affluence of Truth, he vanquished error. The world acknowledged not his righteousness, 6seeing it not; but earth received the harmony his glorified example introduced.

    Who is ready to follow his teaching and example? All 9must sooner or later plant themselves in Christ, the true Inspiration of sacrificeidea of God. That he might liberally pour his dear-bought treasures into empty or sin-12filled human storehouses, was the inspiration of Jesus’ intense human sacrifice. In witness of his divine commission, he presented the proof that Life, Truth, and 15Love heal the sick and the sinning, and triumph over death through Mind, not matter. This was the highest proof he could have offered of divine Love. His hearers 18understood neither his words nor his works. They would not accept his meek interpretation of life nor follow his example.

21    His earthly cup of bitterness was drained to the dregs. There adhered to him only a few unpretentious Spiritual friendshipfriends, whose religion was something more 24than a name. It was so vital, that it enabled them to understand the Nazarene and to share the glory of eternal life. He said that those who fol27lowed him should drink of his cup, and history has confirmed the prediction.

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