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    If the body is diseased, this is but one of the beliefs of 15mortal mind. Mortal man will be less mortal, when he The lungs re-formedlearns that matter never sustained existence and can never destroy God, who is man’s Life. 18When this is understood, mankind will be more spiritual and know that there is nothing to consume, since Spirit, God, is All-in-all. What if the belief is consumption? 21God is more to a man than his belief, and the less we acknowledge matter or its laws, the more immortality we possess. Consciousness constructs a better body when 24faith in matter has been conquered. Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew. You will never fear again except to offend 27God, and you will never believe that heart or any portion of the body can destroy you.

    If you have sound and capacious lungs and want 30Soundness maintainedthem to remain so, be always ready with the mental protest against the opposite belief in heredity. Discard all notions about lungs, tubercles, in426426:1herited consumption, or disease arising from any circumstance, and you will find that mortal mind, when 3instructed by Truth, yields to divine power, which steers the body into health.

    The discoverer of Christian Science finds the path less 6difficult when she has the high goal always before her Our footsteps heavenwardthoughts, than when she counts her footsteps in endeavoring to reach it. When the desti9nation is desirable, expectation speeds our progress. The struggle for Truth makes one strong instead of weak, resting instead of wearying one. If the belief in death 12were obliterated, and the understanding obtained that there is no death, this would be a “tree of life,” known by its fruits. Man should renew his energies and en15deavors, and see the folly of hypocrisy, while also learning the necessity of working out his own salvation. When it is learned that disease cannot destroy life, and that 18mortals are not saved from sin or sickness by death, this understanding will quicken into newness of life. It will master either a desire to die or a dread of the grave, 21and thus destroy the great fear that besets mortal existence.

    The relinquishment of all faith in death and also of 24the fear of its sting would raise the standard of health Christian standardand morals far beyond its present elevation, and would enable us to hold the banner of 27Christianity aloft with unflinching faith in God, in Life eternal. Sin brought death, and death will disappear with the disappearance of sin. Man is immortal, and 30the body cannot die, because matter has no life to surrender. The human concepts named matter, death, disease, sickness, and sin are all that can be destroyed.

427:1    If it is true that man lives, this fact can never change in Science to the opposite belief that man dies. Life is 3Life not contingent on matterthe law of Soul, even the law of the spirit of Truth, and Soul is never without its representative. Man’s individual being can no more 6die nor disappear in unconsciousness than can Soul, for both are immortal. If man believes in death now, he must disbelieve in it when learning that there is no reality 9in death, since the truth of being is deathless. The belief that existence is contingent on matter must be met and mastered by Science, before Life can be understood 12and harmony obtained.

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