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    Is the sick man sinful above all others? No! but so far as he is discordant, he is not the image of God. 18Sickness as discordWeary of their material beliefs, from which comes so much suffering, invalids grow more spiritual, as the error — or belief that life is in matter — 21yields to the reality of spiritual Life.

    The Science of Mind denies the error of sensation in matter, and heals with Truth. Medical science treats 24disease as though disease were real, therefore right, and attempts to heal it with matter. If disease is right it is wrong to heal it. Material methods are temporary, and 27are not adapted to elevate mankind.

    The governor is not subjected to the governed. In Science man is governed by God, divine Principle, as 30numbers are controlled and proved by His laws. Intelligence does not originate in numbers, but is manifested through them. The body does not include soul, but man319319:1ifests mortality, a false sense of soul. The delusion that there is life in matter has no kinship with the Life supernal.

3    Science depicts disease as error, as matter versus Mind, and error reversed as subserving the facts of Unscientific introspectionhealth. To calculate one’s life-prospects 6from a material basis, would infringe upon spiritual law and misguide human hope. Having faith in the divine Principle of health and spiritually under9standing God, sustains man under all circumstances; whereas the lower appeal to the general faith in material means (commonly called nature) must yield to the all-12might of infinite Spirit.

    Throughout the infinite cycles of eternal existence, Spirit and matter neither concur in man nor in the universe.

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