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    Does the faithful shepherd forsake the lambs, — retaining his salary for tending the home flock while he is serving 6another fold? There is no evidence to show that Jesus ever entered the towns whither he sent his disciples; no evidence that he there taught a few hungry ones, and then 9left them to starve or to stray. To these selected ones (like “the elect lady” to whom St. John addressed one of his epistles) he gave personal instruction, and gave in plain 12words, until they were able to fulfil his behest and depart on their united pilgrimages. This he did, even though one of the twelve whom he kept near himself betrayed 15him, and others forsook him.

    The true mother never willingly neglects her children in their early and sacred hours, consigning them to the care 18of nurse or stranger. Who can feel and comprehend the needs of her babe like the ardent mother? What other heart yearns with her solicitude, endures with her patience, 21waits with her hope, and labors with her love, to promote the welfare and happiness of her children? Thus must the Mother in Israel give all her hours to those first sacred 24tasks, till her children can walk steadfastly in wisdom’s ways.

    One of my students wrote to me: “I believe the proper 27thing for us to do is to follow, as nearly as we can, in the path you have pursued!” It is gladdening to find, in such a student, one of the children of light. It is safe to leave 30with God the government of man. He appoints and He 91 91:1anoints His Truth-bearers, and God is their sure defense and refuge.

3    The parable of “the prodigal son” is rightly called “the pearl of parables,” and our Master’s greatest utterance may well be called “the diamond sermon.” No purer and more 6exalted teachings ever fell upon human ears than those contained in what is commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount, — though this name has been given it by compilers 9and translators of the Bible, and not by the Master himself or by the Scripture authors. Indeed, this title really indicates more the Master’s mood, than the material 12locality.

    Where did Jesus deliver this great lesson — or, rather, this series of great lessons — on humanity and divinity? 15On a hillside, near the sloping shores of the Lake of Galilee, where he spake primarily to his immediate disciples.

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