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    Permit me to say, the report that I am sick (and I trust the desire thereof) is dead, and should be buried. 15Whereas the fact that I am well and keenly alive to the truth of being — the Love that is Life — is sure and steadfast. I go out in my carriage daily, and have omitted 18my drive but twice since I came to Massachusetts. Either my work, the demands upon my time at home, or the weather, is all that prevents my daily drive.

21    Working and praying for my dear friends’ and my dear enemies’ health, happiness, and holiness, the true sense of being goes on.

24    Doing unto others as we would that they do by us, is immortality’s self. Intrepid, self-oblivious love fulfils the law and is self-sustaining and eternal. With white-winged 27charity brooding over all, spiritually understood and demonstrated, let us unite in one Te Deum of praise.

Box G, Brookline, Mass., 30May 15, 1908
276:1[Christian Science Sentinel, May 16, 1908]

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