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First Church of Christ, Scientist, London, England

24    Beloved Students: — You have laid the corner-stone of your church edifice impressively, and buried immortal truths in the bosom of earth safe from all chance of being 27challenged.

    You whose labors are doing so much to benefit mankind will not be impatient if you have not accomplished all you 204 204:1desire, nor will you be long in doing more. My faith in God and in His followers rests in the fact that He is infinite 3good, and that He gives His followers opportunity to use their hidden virtues, to put into practice the power which lies concealed in the calm and which storms awaken to 6vigor and to victory.

    It is only by looking heavenward that mutual friendships such as ours can begin and never end. Over sea 9and over land, Christian Science unites its true followers in one Principle, divine Love, that sacred ave and essence of Soul which makes them one in Christ.

12First Church of Christ, Scientist, Columbus, Ohio

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