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Mary Baker Eddy
Pleasant View, Concord, New Hampshire, May 11, 1903
21Letter of the Pastor Emeritus, June, 1903

    My Beloved Brethren: — I have a secret to tell you and a question to ask. Do you know how much I love you 24and the nature of this love? No: then my sacred secret is incommunicable, and we live apart. But, yes: and this inmost something becomes articulate, and my book 27is not all you know of me. But your knowledge with its magnitude of meaning uncovers my life, even as your heart has discovered it. The spiritual bespeaks 134 134:1our temporal history. Difficulty, abnegation, constant battle against the world, the flesh, and evil, tell my long-3kept secret — evidence a heart wholly in protest and unutterable in love.

    The unprecedented progress of Christian Science is pro6verbial, and we cannot be too grateful nor too humble for this, inasmuch as our daily lives serve to enhance or to stay its glory. To triumph in truth, to keep the faith 9individually and collectively, conflicting elements must be mastered. Defeat need not follow victory. Joy over good achievements and work well done should not 12be eclipsed by some lost opportunity, some imperative demand not yet met.

    Truth, Life, and Love will never lose their claim on us. 15And here let me add: —  Truth happifies life in the hamlet or town; Life lessens all pride — its pomp and its frown — 18Love comes to our tears like a soft summer shower, To beautify, bless, and inspire man’s power.

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