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129:1To The Mother Church

MY BELOVED BRETHREN: — If a member of the church 3is inclined to be uncharitable, or to condemn his brother without cause, let him put his finger to his lips, and forgive others as he would be forgiven. One’s first 6lesson is to learn one’s self; having done this, one will naturally, through grace from God, forgive his brother and love his enemies. To avenge an imaginary or an actual 9wrong, is suicidal. The law of our God and the rule of our church is to tell thy brother his fault and thereby help him. If this rule fails in effect, then take the next Scrip12tural step: drop this member’s name from the church, and thereafter “let the dead bury their dead,” — let silence prevail over his remains.

15    If a man is jealous, envious, or revengeful, he will seek occasion to balloon an atom of another man’s indiscretion, inflate it, and send it into the atmosphere of mortal 18mind — for other green eyes to gaze on: he will always find somebody in his way, and try to push him aside; will see somebody’s faults to magnify under the lens that 21he never turns on himself.

    What have been your Leader’s precepts and example! Were they to save the sinner, and to spare his exposure 130 130:1so long as a hope remained of thereby benefiting him? Has her life exemplified long-suffering, meekness, charity, 3purity?

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