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    And how can you be certain of so momentous an affirmative? By proving its effect on yourself to be —  6divine.

    What is the Principle and rule of Christian Science?

    Infinite query! Wonder in heaven and on earth, —  9who shall say? The immaculate Son of the Blessed has spoken of them as the Golden Rule and its Principle, God who is Love. Listen, and he illustrates the rule: 12“Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, . . . Whosoever . . . shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest 15in the kingdom of heaven.”

    Harmony is heaven. Science brings out harmony; but this harmony is not understood unless it produces a 18growing affection for all good, and consequent disaffection for all evil, hypocrisy, evil-speaking, lust, envy, hate. Where these exist, Christian Science has no sure foot21hold: they obscure its divine element, and thus seem to extinguish it. Even the life of Jesus was belittled and belied by personalities possessing these defacing de24formities. Only the devout Marys, and such as lived according to his precepts, understood the concrete character of him who taught — by the wayside, in humble 27homes, to itching ears and to dull disciples — the words of Life.

    The ineffable Life and light which he reflected through 30divine Science is again reproduced in the character which sensualism, as heretofore, would hide or besmear. Sin of any sort tends to hide from an individual this grand 338 338:1verity in Science, that the appearing of good in an individual involves the disappearing of evil. He who first 3brings to humanity some great good, must have gained its height beforehand, to be able to lift others toward it. I first proved to myself, not by “words,” — these 6afford no proof, — but by demonstration of Christian Science, that its Principle is divine. All must go and do likewise.

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