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To the Primary Class of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, 571 Columbus Avenue, that Assembled Feb. 25, 121889, with an Attendance of Sixty-five Students

    My students, three picture-stories from the Bible present themselves to my thought; three of those pictures 15from which we learn without study. The first is that of Joshua and his band before the walls of Jericho. They went seven times around these walls, the seven times 18corresponding to the seven days of creation: the six days are to find out the nothingness of matter; the seventh is the day of rest, when it is found that evil is naught 21and good is all.

    The second picture is of the disciples met together in an upper chamber; and they were of one mind. Mark, 24that in the case of Joshua and his band they had all to shout together in order that the walls might fall; and the disciples, too, were of one mind.

27    We, to-day, in this class-room, are enough to convert the world if we are of one Mind; for then the whole world will feel the influence of this Mind; as when the 280 280:1earth was without form, and Mind spake and form appeared.

3    The third picture-lesson is from Revelation, where, at the opening of the seals, one of the angels presented himself with balances to weigh the thoughts and actions of 6men; not angels with wings, but messengers of pure and holy thoughts that say, See thou hurt not the holy things of Truth.

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