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21Burial. Corporeality and physical sense put out of sight and hearing; annihilation. Submergence in Spirit; immortality brought to light.

24Canaan (the son of Ham).  A sensuous belief; the testimony of what is termed material sense; the error which would make man mortal and would make mortal 27mind a slave to the body.

Children. The spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love.

583:1    Sensual and mortal beliefs; counterfeits of creation, whose better originals are God’s thoughts, not in em3bryo, but in maturity; material suppositions of life, substance, and intelligence, opposed to the Science of being.

Children of Israel. The representatives of Soul, not 6corporeal sense; the offspring of Spirit, who, having wrestled with error, sin, and sense, are governed by divine Science; some of the ideas of God beheld as men, casting 9out error and healing the sick; Christ’s offspring.

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