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    Without the so-called human mind, there can be no 9inflammatory nor torpid action of the system. Remove Latent powerthe error, and you destroy its effects. By looking a tiger fearlessly in the eye, Sir Charles 12Napier sent it cowering back into the jungle. An animal may infuriate another by looking it in the eye, and both will fight for nothing. A man’s gaze, fastened 15fearlessly on a ferocious beast, often causes the beast to retreat in terror. This latter occurrence represents the power of Truth over error, — the might of intelligence 18exercised over mortal beliefs to destroy them; whereas hypnotism and hygienic drilling and drugging, adopted to cure matter, is represented by two material erroneous 21bases.

    Disease is not an intelligence to dispute the empire of Mind or to dethrone Mind and take the government into 24Disease powerlessits own hands. Sickness is not a God-given, nor a self-constituted material power, which copes astutely with Mind and finally conquers it. God 27 never endowed matter with power to disable Life or to chill harmony with a long and cold night of discord. Such a power, without the divine permission, is incon30ceivable; and if such a power could be divinely directed, it would manifest less wisdom than we usually find displayed in human governments.

379:1    If disease can attack and control the body without the consent of mortals, sin can do the same, for both 3Jurisdiction of Mindare errors, announced as partners in the beginning. The Christian Scientist finds only effects, where the ordinary physician looks for causes. 6The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as vested in divine Mind.

9    A felon, on whom certain English students experimented, fancied himself bleeding to death, and died bePower of imaginationcause of that belief, when only a stream of 12warm water was trickling over his arm. Had he known his sense of bleeding was an illusion, he would have risen above the false belief. Let the despairing in15valid, inspecting the hue of her blood on a cambric handkerchief, think of the experiment of those Oxford boys, who caused the death of a man, when not a drop of his 18blood was shed. Then let her learn the opposite statement of Life as taught in Christian Science, and she will understand that she is not dying on account of the state of 21her blood, but is suffering from her belief that blood is destroying her life. The so-called vital current does not affect the invalid’s health, but her belief produces the 24very results she dreads.

    Fevers are errors of various types. The quickened pulse, coated tongue, febrile heat, dry skin, pain in the 27Fevers the effect of fearhead and limbs, are pictures drawn on the body by a mortal mind. The images, held in this disturbed mind, frighten conscious thought. Unless 30the fever-picture, drawn by millions of mortals and imaged on the body through the belief that mind is in matter and discord is as real as harmony, is destroyed through 380 380:1Science, it may rest at length on some receptive thought, and become a fever case, which ends in a belief called 3death, which belief must be finally conquered by eternal Life. Truth is always the victor. Sickness and sin fall by their own weight. Truth is the rock of ages, the head6stone of the corner, “but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

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