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24    “The Word was made flesh.” Divine Truth must be known by its effects on the body as well as on the mind, The divine life-linkbefore the Science of being can be demon27strated. Hence its embodiment in the incarnate Jesus, — that life-link forming the connection through which the real reaches the unreal, Soul rebukes sense, and 30Truth destroys error.

    In Jewish worship the Word was materially explained, and the spiritual sense was scarcely perceived. The 351 351:1religion which sprang from half-hidden Israelitish history was pedantic and void of healing power. When we lose 3Truth a present helpfaith in God’s power to heal, we distrust the divine Principle which demonstrates Christian Science, and then we cannot heal the sick. Neither can 6we heal through the help of Spirit, if we plant ourselves on a material basis.

    The author became a member of the orthodox Con9gregational Church in early years. Later she learned that her own prayers failed to heal her as did the prayers of her devout parents and the church; but when the 12spiritual sense of the creed was discerned in the Science of Christianity, this spiritual sense was a present help. It was the living, palpitating presence of Christ, Truth, which 15healed the sick.

    We cannot bring out the practical proof of Christianity, which Jesus required, while error seems as potent and 18Fatal premisesreal to us as Truth, and while we make a personal devil and an anthropomorphic God our starting-points, — especially if we consider Satan as a 21being coequal in power with Deity, if not superior to Him. Because such starting-points are neither spiritual nor scientific, they cannot work out the Spirit-rule of Christian 24healing, which proves the nothingness of error, discord, by demonstrating the all-inclusiveness of harmonious Truth.

27    The Israelites centred their thoughts on the material in their attempted worship of the spiritual. To them Fruitless worshipmatter was substance, and Spirit was shadow. 30They thought to worship Spirit from a material standpoint, but this was impossible. They might appeal to Jehovah, but their prayer brought down no 352 352:1proof that it was heard, because they did not sufficiently understand God to be able to demonstrate His power 3to heal, — to make harmony the reality and discord the unreality.

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