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    The answer to all these questions must forever be in the negative.

21    The physical senses can obtain no proof of God. They can neither see Spirit through the eye nor hear it through Our physical insensibility to Spiritthe ear, nor can they feel, taste, or smell Spirit. 24Even the more subtile and misnamed material elements are beyond the cognizance of these senses, and are known only by the effects com27monly attributed to them.

    According to Christian Science, the only real senses of man are spiritual, emanating from divine Mind. 30Thought passes from God to man, but neither sensation nor report goes from material body to Mind. The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man. 285 285:1Matter is not sentient and cannot be cognizant of good or of evil, of pleasure or of pain. Man’s individu3ality is not material. This Science of being obtains not alone hereafter in what men call Paradise, but here and now; it is the great fact of being for time and 6eternity.

    What, then, is the material personality which suffers, sins, and dies? It is not man, the image and likeness 9The human counterfeitof God, but man’s counterfeit, the inverted likeness, the unlikeness called sin, sickness, and death. The unreality of the claim that a mortal is 12the true image of God is illustrated by the opposite natures of Spirit and matter, Mind and body, for one is intelligence while the other is non-intelligence.

15    Is God a physical personality? Spirit is not physical. The belief that a material body is man is a false conMaterial misconceptionsception of man. The time has come for a 18finite conception of the infinite and of a material body as the seat of Mind to give place to a diviner sense of intelligence and its manifestations, — 21to the better understanding that Science gives of the Supreme Being, or divine Principle, and idea.

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