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30:1Is Sin Forgiven?

    The law of Life and Truth is the law of Christ, destroy3ing all sense of sin and death. It does more than forgive the false sense named sin, for it pursues and punishes it, and will not let sin go until it is destroyed, — until nothing 6is left to be forgiven, to suffer, or to be punished. Forgiven thus, sickness and sin have no relapse. God’s law reaches and destroys evil by virtue of the allness of God.

9    He need not know the evil He destroys, any more than the legislator need know the criminal who is punished by the law enacted. God’s law is in three words, “I am All;” 12and this perfect law is ever present to rebuke any claim of another law. God pities our woes with the love of a Father for His child, — not by becoming human, and 15knowing sin, or naught, but by removing our knowledge of what is not. He could not destroy our woes totally if He possessed any knowledge of them. His sympathy 18is divine, not human. It is Truth’s knowledge of its own infinitude which forbids the genuine existence of even a claim to error. This knowledge is light wherein there 21is no darkness, — not light holding darkness within itself. The consciousness of light is like the eternal law of God, revealing Him and nothing else.

24    Sympathy with sin, sorrow, and sickness would dethrone God as Truth, for Truth has no sympathy for error. In Science, the cure of the sick demonstrates this grand 31 31:1verity of Christian Science, that you cannot eradicate disease if you admit that God sends it or sees it. Material 3and mortal mind-healing (so-called) has for ages been a pretender, but has not healed mortals; and they are yet sick and sinful.

6    Disease and sin appear to-day in subtler forms than they did yesterday. They progress and will multiply into worse forms, until it is understood that disease and sin are 9unreal, unknown to Truth, and never actual persons or real facts.

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