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    There was never a moment in which evil was real. This great fact concerning all error brings with it another and 27more glorious truth, that good is supreme. As there is none beside Him, and He is all good, there can be no evil. 25 25:1Simply uttering this great thought is not enough! We must live it, until God becomes the All and Only of our 3being. Having won through great tribulation this cardinal point of divine Science, St. Paul said, “But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were 6held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.”

Is Man a Person?

9    Man is more than physical personality, or what we cognize through the material senses. Mind is more than matter, even as the infinite idea of Truth is beyond a finite 12belief. Man outlives finite mortal definitions of himself, according to a law of “the survival of the fittest.” Man is the eternal idea of his divine Principle, or Father. He is 15neither matter nor a mode of mortal mind, for he is spiritual and eternal, an immortal mode of the divine Mind. Man is the image and likeness of God, coexistent and 18coeternal with Him.

    Man is not absorbed in Deity; for he is forever individual; but what this everlasting individuality is, remains to 21be learned. Mortals have not seen it. That which is born of the flesh is not man’s eternal identity. Spiritual and immortal man alone is God’s likeness, and that which is 24mortal is not man in a spiritually scientific sense. A material, sinful mortal is but the counterfeit of immortal man.

26:1    The mind-quacks believe that mortal man is identical with immortal man, and that the immortal is inside the 3mortal; that good and evil blend; that matter and Spirit are one; and that Soul, or Spirit, is subdivided into spirits, or souls, — alias gods. This infantile talk about Mind-6healing is no more identical with Christian Science than the babe is identical with the adult, or the human belief resembles the divine idea. Hence it is impossible for those 9holding such material and mortal views to demonstrate my metaphysics. Theirs is the sensuous thought, which brings forth its own sensuous conception. Mine is the 12spiritual idea which transfigures thought.

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