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    Hoping to pacify repeated complaints and murmurings 15against too great leniency, on my part, towards some of my students who fall into error, I have opposed occasionally and strongly — especially in the first edition of 18this little work — existing wrongs of the nature referred to. But I now point steadfastly to the power of grace to overcome evil with good. God will “furnish a table in 21the wilderness” and show the power of Love.

    Science is not the shibboleth of a sect or the cabalistic insignia of philosophy; it excludes all error and 24includes all Truth. More mistakes are made in its name than this period comprehends. Divinely defined, Science is the atmosphere of God; humanly construed, and ac27cording to Webster, it is “knowledge, duly arranged and referred to general truths and principles on which it is 10 10:1founded, and from which it is derived.” I employ this awe-filled word in both a divine and human sense; but 3I insist that Christian Science is demonstrably as true, relative to the unseen verities of being, as any proof that can be given of the completeness of Science.

6    The two largest words in the vocabulary of thought are “Christian” and “Science.” The former is the highest style of man; the latter reveals and interprets God and 9man; it aggregates, amplifies, unfolds, and expresses the All-God. The life of Christ is the predicate and postulate of all that I teach, and there is but one standard 12statement, one rule, and one Principle for all scientific truth.

    My hygienic system rests on Mind, the eternal Truth. 15What is termed matter, or relates to its so-called attributes, is a self-destroying error. When a so-called material sense is lost, and Truth restores that lost sense, — on the basis 18that all consciousness is Mind and eternal, — the former position, that sense is organic and material, is proven erroneous.

21    The feasibility and immobility of Christian Science unveil the true idea, — namely, that earth’s discords have not the reality of Mind in the Science of being; and this 24idea — dematerializing and spiritualizing mortals — turns like the needle to the pole all hope and faith to God, based as it is on His omnipotence and omnipresence.

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