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    Beloved brethren, another Christmas has come and gone. Has it enabled us to know more of the healing Christ that 18saves from sickness and sin? Are we still searching diligently to find where the young child lies, and are we satisfied to know that our sense of Truth is not demoralized, 21finitized, cribbed, or cradled, but has risen to grasp the spiritual idea unenvironed by materiality? Can we say with the angels to-day: “He is risen; he is not here: 24behold the place where they laid him”? Yes, the real Christian Scientist can say his Christ is risen and is not the material Christ of creeds, but is Truth, even as Jesus 27declared; and the sense of Truth of the real Christian Scientist is spiritualized to behold this Christ, Truth, again healing the sick and saving sinners. The mission 30of our Master was to all mankind, and included the very hearts that rejected it — that refused to see the power of Truth in healing.

123:1    Our unity and progress are proverbial, and this church’s gifts to me are beyond comparison — they have become 3a wonder! To me, however, love is the greater marvel, so I must continue to prize love even more than the gifts which would express it. The great guerdon of divine 6Love, which moves the hearts of men to goodness and greatness, will reward these givers, and this encourages me to continue to urge the perfect model for your accept9ance as the ultimate of Christian Science.

    To-day in Concord, N.H., we have a modest hall in one of the finest localities in the city, — a reading-room and 12nine other rooms in the same building. “Tell it not in Gath”! I had the property bought by the courtesy of another person to be rid of the care and responsibility of 15purchasing it, and furnished him the money to pay for it. The original cost of the estate was fourteen thousand dollars. With the repairs and other necessary expenses 18the amount is now about twenty thousand dollars. Ere long I will see you in this hall, Deo volente; but my outdoor accommodations at Pleasant View are bigger than 21the indoor. My little hall, which holds a trifle over two hundred people, is less sufficient to receive a church of ten thousand members than were the “five loaves and two 24fishes” to feed the multitude; but the true Christian Scientist is not frightened at miracles, and ofttimes small beginnings have large endings.

27    Seeing that we have to attain to the ministry of righteousness in all things, we must not overlook small things in goodness or in badness, for “trifles make perfection,” 30and “the little foxes . . . spoil the vines.”

    As a peculiar people whose God is All-in-all, let us say with St. Paul: “We faint not; but have renounced the 124 124:1hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by mani3festation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience.”

Communion, June 4, 1899

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