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    Beware of joining any medical league which in any 30way obligates you to assist — because they chance to be under arrest — vendors of patent pills, mesmerists, 80 80:1occultists, sellers of impure literature, and authors of spurious works on mental healing. By rendering error 3such a service, you lose much more than can be gained by mere unity on the single issue of opposition to unjust medical laws.

6    A league which obligates its members to give money and influence in support and defense of medical charlatans in general, and possibly to aid individual rights 9in a wrong direction — which Christian Science eschews  — should be avoided. Anybody and everybody, who will fight the medical faculty, can join this league. It is 12better to be friendly with cultured and conscientious medical men, who leave Christian Science to rise or fall on its own merit or demerit, than to affiliate with a wrong 15class of people.

    Unconstitutional and unjust coercive legislation and laws, infringing individual rights, must be “of few days, 18and full of trouble.” The vox populi, through the providence of God, promotes and impels all true reform; and, at the best time, will redress wrongs and rectify injus21tice. Tyranny can thrive but feebly under our Government. God reigns, and will “turn and overturn” until right is found supreme.

24    In a certain sense, we should commiserate the lot of regular doctors, who, in successive generations for centuries, have planted and sown and reaped in the fields 27of what they deem pathology, hygiene, and therapeutics, but are now elbowed by a new school of practitioners, outdoing the healing of the old. The old will not patronize 30the new school, at least not until it shall come to understand the medical system of the new.

    Christian Science Mind-healing rests demonstrably on 81 81:1the broad and sure foundation of Science; and this is not the basis of materia medica, as some of the most skil3ful and scholarly physicians openly admit.

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